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Currently a PhD Research Engineer in acoustics and vibrations at Sonorhc Technologies, my research work focuses on research and development of innovative solutions in acoustics and vibrations for industries.

Here you can find my resume, my current research, some previous works and my publications. For further information or suggestions about the website, feel free to contact me.

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Curriculum Vitae





SONORHC Technologies
Research Engineer in Acoustics and Vibration

2019 2019
2018 2018
2017 2017
Nov Nov
IRT Jules Verne
PhD Student in acoustics
Characterization of composite materials using an inverse vibratory method
Oct Oct Ph.D in acoustics
LAUM, Université du Maine, Le Mans (France)

Directed by C.Pézerat, J-L.Guyader and F.Ablitzer

Vocational education :
  • Teaching (30h)
  • A new worldview (7h)
  • Innovation (7h)
  • Project Management (7h)
  • Negociation (7h)
  • Self-knowledge (7h)
  • Crisis management (7h)
  • Company culture (7h)
  • Web communication (7h)
  • Various (100h)
2016 2016
2015 2015
2014 2014
Oct Oct
Lycée Agricole La Germinière
Student job as a boarding school supervisor
Sep Sep
Optical Holography applied to thermoacoustics
Internship in acoustics research supervised by G.Penelet, P.Picart and M.Leclercq
Jul M.Sc Degree in acoustics and mechanics
Université du Maine, Le Mans (France)

1st semester
Aalborg University (Denmark)
Feb Feb
2013 2013
Sep Sep
May Université du Maine
Study of granular avalanches
Project supervised by V.Tournat
Feb Feb
Jan Aalborg University
Detection of hidden cracks in metal components
Project supervised by F.Christensen
2012 2012
Aug Aug
Summer Job as a machine operator
Jul Jul
Jun Jun B.Sc Degree in acoustics and mechanics
Université du Maine, Le Mans (France)
Alliance Healthcare
Student job as a pick and pack operator
May Université du Maine
Comparative study of software for room acoustics
Project supervised by B.Lihoreau
Feb Feb
2011 2011
Sep Sep
Summer job as a Technician in Acoustics. Richwiller (France)
Aug Aug
Jul SAdB
Acoustic correction of an amphitheatre
Internship in an acoustics design office supervised by B.Schieber
Technical Degree in Acoustics and Signal Processing
Université du Maine, Le Mans (France)
Apr Apr
2010 2010
Dec Université du Maine
Vibroacoustic study of a tuning fork
Project supervised by C.Ayrault
Sep Sep
General Electric
Summer job as a Technician in acoustics
Aug Aug
Jul Jul
Jun Université du Maine
The tubular bells
Project supervised by B.Gazengel
Apr Apr
2009 2009
Sep Sep
Université de Haute Alsace
Summer job as a receptionnist
Aug Aug
Jul Jul Scientific A Level
Lycée Louis Armand, Mulhouse (France)
2008 2008

Computer Skills


Comsol Multiphysics


Code Tympan, Odeon




Microsoft Office



French : Native language

English : Full professional proficiency

German : Basic knowledge

Other information

Associations : Funder of Solar Impulse (Si2 project), Sponsor of "Un toit pour les abeilles", Member of SFA, Member of RAmDAM

Hobbies : Karate (1st Dan), Music, Science, Books, Handywork

PhD Thesis



In order to decrease energy consumptions, transportation industries are progressively focusing on composite materials because of their important stiffness to mass ratio. Nonetheless their use is generally relegated to secondary elements (car's bonnet, inner parts, plane's tail...) since the dynamic behaviour of composite structures is not fully understood so far. Novel methods are then necessary to identify elastic properties of these new structures but also to detect potential flaws.

This PhD thesis dealt with the "Characterization of composite materials using an inverse vibratory method" using the Force Analysis Technique and was directed by Charles Pézerat, Jean-Louis Guyader and Frédéric Ablitzer.

General Principle

The goal is to develop a new approach for estimating elastic parameters (Young's Modulus E, shear modulus G and their respective loss factors ηE and ηG) of composite materials. Since these structures usually present specific vibratory behaviours, classical methods like modal theory, 3 points flexural tests or the Oberst method can provide wrong identifications.

Instead of analysing each layer independently (first plausible source of bias) in order to model a realistic multi-layer structure in a Finite Element simulation or analytical formulation (second possible source of bias), an original experimental approach is suggested based on the local verification of the equation of motion applied to the Timoshenko beam combined with the inverse vibratory method called the Force Analysis Technique. By doing so the experimental part only consists in measuring the transverse displacement field.

This novel approach then considers the composite material as an homogeneous one, leading to the determination of equivalent elastic parameters. Since the method relies on a local identification, it does not depend on the boundary conditions, its application is simple and allows developments for structural health monitoring or implemented analysis on a production line.

An extension to flaw detection is also of interest because the kind of defect may be identified through the cartographies of elastic parameters. For instance a fibre breakage could change only the Young's modulus, a delamination might mostly influence the shear modulus, while a Barely Visible Impact Damage would increase local dissipation and so the damping coefficients.


T.Wassereau, F.Ablitzer, C.Pézerat, J-L.Guyader. Experimental identification of flexural and shear complex moduli by inverting the Timoshenko beam problem. Journal of Sound and Vibration, 399 : pp 86-103 (2017). DOI:10.1016/j.jsv.2017.03.017

F. Ablitzer, C. Pézerat, J.-M. Génevaux, J. Bégué. Identification of stiffness and damping properties of plates by using the local equation of motion. Journal of Sound and Vibration, 333 (9) : pp.2454–2468 (2014). DOI : 10.1016/j.jsv.2013.12.013

C. Pézerat, J.-L. Guyader. Two inverse methods for localization of external sources exciting a beam. Acta Acustica, 3 : pp. 1–10 (1995).

J.-L. Guyader, C. Cacciolati, E. Guyader. Prediction of vibroacoustic behaviour of multilayered structures using equivalent bi-materials. In Inter-noise. Shangai, China (2008).


Scientific Publications


T.Wassereau, F.Ablitzer, C.Pézerat, J-L.Guyader. Experimental identification of flexural and shear complex moduli by inverting the Timoshenko beam problem. Journal of Sound and Vibration, 399 : pp 86-103 (2017). DOI:10.1016/j.jsv.2017.03.017

G.Penelet, M.Leclercq, T.Wassereau, P.Picart. Measurement of density fluctuations using digital holographic interferometry in a standing wave thermoacoustic oscillator. Experimental Thermal and Fluid Science, 70 : pp.176-184 (2016). DOI : 10.1016/j.expthermflusci.2015.09.012


T.Wassereau. C.Pézerat, J-L.Guyader, F.Ablitzer. Caractérisation de défauts sur matériaux composites par résolution et régularisation du problème inverse vibratoire. CFA 2016, Le Mans (France)

B. Lascoup, T.Wassereau, F. Ablitzer, C.Pézerat. Identification des propriétés mécaniques d’un composite par méthode RIFF. JNC 2015, Lyon (France)

T.Wassereau. C.Pézerat, J-L.Guyader, F.Ablitzer. Improvements of force analysis technique for flaw detection on composite materials. DynComp 2015, Arles (France).

T.Wassereau. C.Pézerat, J-L.Guyader, F.Ablitzer. Characterization of composite materials and flaw detection using Force Analysis Technique. NOVEM 2015, Dubrovnik (Croatia).

P.Picart, G.Penelet, M.Leclercq, I.Kostyrko, T.Wassereau. Analyse du déclenchement d'un moteur thermoacoustique par interférométrie holographie multi-échelle. Holo Phy 3, Ecully (France).

T.Wassereau, C.Pézerat, J-L.Guyader, F.Ablitzer. Caractérisation de matériaux composites par problème inverse vibratoire. CILSA 2014, Lyon (France).

G.Penelet, M.Leclercq, T.Wassereau, P.Picart. Mesure de champs acoustiques par holographie optique numérique : Application à la thermoacoustique. CFA 2014, Poitiers (France).

P.Picart, M.Leclercq, T.Wassereau, G.Penelet. Multi-scale digital holographic interferometry for studying a thermoacoustic resonator. Digital Holography and Three-Dimensional Imaging 2014, Seattle (USA).

Poster Sessions

T.Wassereau, C.Pézerat, J-L.Guyader, F.Ablitzer. Identification de paramètres élastiques homogénéisés d’un matériau multicouches par méthode RIFF. JJCAB 2015, Besançon (France)

T.Wassereau, C.Pézerat, J-L.Guyader, F.Ablitzer. Détection de défauts sur poutre composite par Résolution Inverse Filtrée Fenêtrée. JJCAB 2014, Lyon (France).

Previous Works


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